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"Mentalytics AB (previously Interactive Productline IP AB) was founded in 2002. Our vision has always been to make focus training accessible to everyone. You might have heard of Mindball – the table where you move a ball just by being focused? It’s been played by more than 15 million science center visitors worldwide over the years. People have been amazed and impressed, urging for “a Mindball to play at home”. Now we've finally reached a point where we can deliver just that with our new product; Focus Mentalytics.

 The technique we use, which has been well established since the 60's for focus training, is called EEG. A headband with sensors measures your focused brain waves. The brainwaves then go through our algorithm which we have refined over the many years of doing this.

 With a devoted team we will make focus training as accessible and accepted as putting on your running shoes and going for a run; To train your brain will be as common as training your body. We invite you to follow our journey here, and feel free to follow us on our social media!”


Charlie Ohlén
Charlie Ohlén
Bitte Hanell
Founder & Senior Advisor
Bitte Hanell