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Esports legend “Potti” joins Mentalytics Advisory Board

Tommy "Potti" IngemarssonTommy "Potti" Ingemarsson

Mentalytics is now looking to enter the gaming and esports market with their focus training concept. Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson, former ten-time Counter-Strike world champion now a business leader, accedes Mentalytics Advisory board.  “Potti” will be involved with operational tasks directly related to the products and also giving strategic advice.

Esports has lately brought on the same training methods as those for traditional sports. You pay attention to physical training, proper nutrition, your sleeping schedule and mental training; especially that of focus training. Teams and organizations are constantly looking for new possibilities that can increase their performance and give them an advantage over competitors.

Mentalytics product, Focus Mentalytics comprises a platform, a training module, and an EEG headband. EEG is a technique used to measure electrical signals from the brain, e.g. focus. Combined with a training program this will help gaming/esports players in becoming aware of their focus and help them to consciously control it.

The player puts on the headband, connects it via Bluetooth and then jumps into a match in the game they compete in. The platform gives the player detailed live data from the game in connection to their focus. Today the platform supports the three major esports titles, CS:GO, Dota2, & League of Legends. With more games to come as time passes and API’s become available.

Once the game has been completed the player and their coach can sit down and analyze the match in relation to the players focus.
To train focus, the players will use the training module; a futuristic racing game that responds to the player's focus in real time. The platform also provides a connection between focus performance and health parameters like sleep, physical exercise, and food. 

To perfect the product and package it towards the esports market, Interactive Productline has now joined forces with former Counter-Strike world champion and esports legend Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson.

We are thrilled to have Tommy on board. I believe that his experience as a former esports professional and his business experience within the esports industry will allow us to bring this exciting technology to as many esports players and enthusiasts as possible” says Charlie Ohlén, CEO Mentalytics.

With Focus Mentalytics, the goal is to meld mental training with gaming. Allowing statistics to provide a deeper understanding and analysis of the various scenarios’ gamers are presented with in-game. 

The FOCUS products have the potential to become real game changers for current and future esports athletes. Personally, I wish that I had this type of training available when I was active,” says Tommy Ingemarsson.

As soon as the pandemic is over or at least restrictions are relieved, Focus Mentalytics will be tested by a selected few esports athletes and partner organizations, with the goal of making it available to esports teams ASAP.  

About Tommy Ingemarsson
Tommy co-founded the organization Ninjas in Pyjamas in the early 2000’s. Within a short period of time they got recruited by the German organization SK-Gaming and became one of the most successful counter-strike teams in history. Today Tommy is working as CEO of his own company that runs Area Academy and "Svenska Elitserien i esport". Area Academy focuses on introducing esports in schools and youth training. "Svenska Elitserien i esport" is the leading esports league in Sweden. They help talents climb to the world elite.  


About Mentalytics AB

Mentalytics AB (previously Interactive Productline IP AB) was founded in 2002. Our vision has always been to make focus training accessible to everyone. You might have heard of Mindball – the table where you move a ball just by being focused? It’s been played by more than 15 million science center visitors worldwide over the years. People have been amazed and impressed, urging for “a Mindball to play at home”. Now we've finally reached a point where we can deliver just that with our new range of products: Focus Mentalytics. With a devoted team we will make focus training as accessible and accepted as putting on your running shoes and going for a run; To train your brain will be as common as training your body.


Charlie Ohlén
Charlie Ohlén

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