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Kia Slovakia Performs Pilot with Mentalytics Focus Training Product

Operators at KIA using Focus Mentalytics  Operators at KIA using Focus Mentalytics

Kia Slovakia have tested Mentalytics with good results. They will now evaluate how the focus training could be implemented in their organization. The goal is to increase the well-being of their production operators and thus quality in production.

Kia Motors in Slovakia looked for a focus training product that could help them identify and improve the mental well-being of their production operators such as stress and lack of focus. The goal is to improve quality of life for the production operators and thus quality in production. For this purpose, they tested multiple products during spring 2020. Mentalytics became the clear choice. 

We searched for gamified focus and stress reducing training games. I asked around and it was clear that Mentalytics is the primary  leader with products I was looking for, says Vladimíra Sarvašová Mwazighe, Manager and Head of Education and Training at Kia Slovakia s.r.o..  

The product Mentalytics consists of an EEG headband and a software.
The EEG headband has sensors that measure the electrical signals from the brain, e.g., focus. EEG  has been used within clinical medicine since the 1960s. It is the technique used in scientific studies related to focus. Mentalytics was one of the first companies in the world using the technique for commercial products,

The software helps users train and improve their focus while providing deep analysis of their progress. The goal of the training is to get a better understanding and thus gain control of one's focus.

Mentalytics provides immediate nonverbal feedback to the trainee on his/hers  actual well-being, what works and what could be changed. So simple and straightforward for desired result improvement, says Marek Kozárik, Shift Leader Assembly Kia Slovakia s.r.o.

To use Mentalytics, you put on the EEG headband, connect it via Bluetooth, log in to the platform and launch the training module; a futuristic racing game that responds to the player's focus in real time. After approximately ten minutes of training, you return to the platform and analyze the results. Through years of experience Mentalytics has developed a training program that spans over 30 days, where the goal is to ensure a positive outcome for the user.

After successful result of neuroscience-based stress and work life balance development training we have decided to pilot 30Dayschallenge  with Mentalytics in production and the result is very pleasing, 35% improvement of quality miss faults in average following 3 months. This result was measured during the worst days of pandemic Covid 19 crisis.  We plan to test furthermore and give feedback to the people at Mentalytics helping them develop the focus program for our production operators, says Vladimíra Sarvašová Mwazighe.    

The platform also provides a connection between focus and various self-estimated health parameters which brings additional info to the coach/team manager about the well-being of the person.

We were also analysing the impact of shift rotation on production workers. It has opened our eyes to several factors directly on the production line where we acted with immediate issue solutions.  This product is an eye opener for each production leader as you see results directly on the spot.  Wellbeing of production operators is a key element to their results and their internal wellbeing, says Marek Kozárik.

With these excellent results, Kia  will now further evaluate how Mentalytics can be implemented at production shop floors. 

To be able to implement and use our products in such a large organization as Kia is an excellent opportunity for us to display the benefits of focus training whilst also having a direct positive impact on the welfare of the users, says Charlie Ohlén, CEO Mentalytics

About Kia Slovakia

On March the 18th, 2004, Kia Motors Corporation - a maker of world-class quality vehicles for the young-at-heart- held a signing ceremony with the Slovak Government in Bratislava to officially authorize the construction of its first European automotive plant in Slovakia. Kia Slovakia s.r.o. has 3 800 employees and produces 350 000 units per year. 


About Mentalytics AB

The company was founded in 2002 and have since, been one of the leading businesses in the commercial Braintech market. The flagship product Mindball Game was released to the public in 2003. Up until today more than 10 million people around the globe have tested their ability to focus using Mindball. Despite our long history we refer to ourselves as a Start-up, but with 19 years of experience. While we still use EEG*, it is now being deployed for new products, under a new brand, towards new industries. We are making our focus training concept available and affordable to everyone. Our mission is to make focus training as common and accepted as physical exercise. *EEG is about reading, analysing and graphically present the electrical signals form the brain. With EEG you can identify different states of mind one of which is focus. The technique has been used within clinical medicine since the 60's.


Charlie Ohlén
Charlie Ohlén
Vladimíra Sarvašová Mwazighe
Head of Department, deputy Education and Training
Vladimíra Sarvašová Mwazighe
Kia Slovakia