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Mentalytics Partners with TenTwelve & Protoskoop in Headband Project

Mentalytics EEG headband Mentalytics EEG headband

Braintech company Mentalytics have entered an agreement with TenTweleve and Protoskoop. Together they will set up the production for the smoothest, no fuzz, EEG headband in the world.

To exercise focus, you need an EEG headband with sensors that read the brain's ability to focus. EEG stands for Electro Encephalon Graphics. It’s about reading, analysing and graphically presenting the brain waves i.e. the electrical signals from the brain. With EEG you can read different mental states one of which is  focus. The technique has been used within medicine since the 60's and is the technique and method used in the majority of scientific studies related to focus. 

Existing EEG headbands do not meet Mentalytic's requirements for functionality, design, or price tag, which is why they've decided to develop their own EEG headband. 

"Over the years we have seen the do’s and don’ts when it comes to EEG headbands. We will make an affordable, reliable, smooth EEG headband that is comfortable to wear at all times", says Bitte Hanell, founder of Mentalytics and project manager of the headband project.  

The design and desired functionality of the headband has been thoroughly worked through with esport athletes and other potential customers. 

“We are looking forward to this project making Mentalytics headband the “Vespa” of EEG headbands.”, says Märt Pikkani, CEO Protoskoop  

Esports is one of the company's main markets, it is also one of the main reasons as to why they've decided to develop their own headband. To enable EEG technology simultaneously as wearing a headset is essential and cannot be done by current headbands on the market.

“You shouldn't even notice that you're wearing the headband. It just sits there comfortably, recording your focus for later analysis in The Platform.”, says Charlie Ohlén , CEO Mentalytics 

In the software Focus Mentalytics you can track your focus related to events in your own game e.g. CS:GO and train your focus in the built-in Training Module using an EEG headband. In other markets than esports you would compare their focus to external variables e.g. quality performance parameters at work or school results.  

“We are pleased to have an agreement including sweat equity and thus becoming shareholders of Mentalytics. We do believe that we have an exciting future ahead.”, says Tarmo Härmaorg, CEO TenTwelve 

The joint expertise of TenTwelve, Protoskoop and Mentalytics provides the best possible conditions to provide the consumer market with an affordable, reliable and comfortable EEG headband.     

“To have hardware and production expertise inhouse means a lot both now, and for future projects. We welcome TenTwelve and Protoskoop as new owners!”, says Charlie Ohlén.     

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Ten Twelve is an interdisciplinary design and engineering firm from Tallinn, Estonia. Our focus areas are consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics, and defense. We are blending user centric design with extensive engineering and DFMA production management expertise. We help our customers deliver more value to users, become more competitive, reduce costs in production and get to market faster.

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Protoskoop helps companies to develop software/hardware prototypes and to grow and scale beyond the prototype. This includes electronics MVP development, consultation of testing and certification, supply chain setup, production preparation.  Our team holds 19+ years product development experience. We have a long experience of working within different areas like sensor networks, medical equipment, production planning, gaming, virtual reality, home electronics, etc. 


About Mentalytics AB

Braintech company Mentalytics with the product offering Focus Mentalytics for training of focus. Our mission is to make focus training accessible to everyone. You might have heard of Mindball – the table where you move a ball just by being focused? It’s been played by more than 15 million science center visitors worldwide over the years. People have been amazed and impressed, urging for “a Mindball to play at home”. Now we've finally reached a point where we can deliver just that with our new range of products: Focus Mentalytics With a devoted team we will make focus training as accessible and accepted as putting on your running shoes and going for a run; To train your brain will be as common as training your body.


Charlie Ohlén
Charlie Ohlén
Bitte Hanell
Founder & Senior Advisor
Bitte Hanell