2021-10-15 07:46Press release

Swedish BrainTech Company Mentalytics Signs Agreement with Kia

Operators at KIA using Mentalytics focus training product  Operators at KIA using Mentalytics focus training product

Global car manufacturer Kia engages in a large project with Mentalytics. The agreement defines that 100 to 300 employees will participate in Mentalytics 30 days focus training program. The goal is to increase production efficiency and employee wellbeing. The project will take place at Kia’s European production plant in Žilina, Slovakia.

Following a pilot using Mentalytics focus products that gave exceptionally good results; an average of 90% improvement in focus and a 35% reduction in faults made in production the following 3 months. Kia will now evaluate the product in a big scale project at the production plant in Slovakia. 

Mentalytics provides immediate nonverbal feedback to the trainee on his/hers actual well-being, what works and what could be changed. So simple and straightforward for desired result improvement, says Marek Kozárik, Shift Leader Assembly Kia Slovakia s.r.o.

Mentalytics expect to get extensive proof of concept for their product, which will facilitate an expansion in this and additional markets.   

To be able to implement and use our products in such a large organization as Kia is an excellent opportunity for us to display the benefits of focus training whilst also having a direct positive impact on the welfare of the workers, says Charlie Ohlén, CEO Mentalytics

The press release published after the successful pilot using Mentalytics. 

About Mentalytics AB

Mentalytics was founded in 2002 and have since been one of the leading businesses in the commercial Braintech market. The flagship product Mindball has been played by 10 million people around the globe. With the recent pivot into software combined with the full rebrand of the business we refer to ourselves as a start-up with 19 years of experience. Mentalytics is all about focus training, which we will make as common and accepted as physical exercise.


Charlie Ohlén
Charlie Ohlén